Warren Muller

For over 30 years Warren Muller has taken the mundane and ordinary and seen light in it, literally. Using luminescence as the guide, he has suspended bottles, perfume containers, old hay baling equipment, hubcaps, bowling pins, toy cars, deer antlers, porcelain figurines, candy dishes, metal lunch boxes, bikes, traffic light lenses, and even a retro mini cooper car into explosions of art, light, and atmosphere.

From New York, California, Texas, France, and back to Philadelphia PA, Warren has illuminated restaurants, stores, office buildings, residences, and museums… Not to mention lives. His art is unique, color-filled, invigorating, provoking, playful, extreme, and naughty, but at the same time has held eloquence and simplicity at its core. If the unfolding and finding of the work process creates the art which then begets the true nature of the artist, then what is clear in this work if anything is this; there is life in all things.

Warren’s work gives spirit and new vision to things we have taken for granted, things we have left behind, things our children have grown to old for, things our mother left us, and makes us see them anew. Stirring nostalgia and passion, Warren’s work isn’t just about bringing light to a room, it’s about invoking the light within it.

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