Paul Palcko

I graduated from the University of the Arts (class of ’98).  My professors and piers at U Arts, helped me to channel and hone solid, artistic skills in my own personal esthetic of visual expression.

Soon after graduation, my portfolio, which was heavy with anatomical figure work, guided my Illustration career to working on medical art for textbooks.

Eventually I migrated to a position as Senior Illustrator for Merion Matters (, which lasted almost 10 years. There, I worked on cover art, spot illustrations, medical art, photography, art direction, art for various products sold in the Online Shop, and participated in art development meetings.

Tandem with working as a full time illustrator, I have always participated in gallery shows, and I continue to show work in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Currently, I am a freelancer, working on a variety of projects: medical art, concept illustrations, gallery shows, portrait commissions of people and pets, and graphic design for print and interactive purposes.

My loves are drawing, painting (in traditional and digital media), design, building, home improvements, motorcycles, Guinness, music, guitars, movies, martial arts, and my community of friends and artists.

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