Carol Apicella

“You are the only person I know that can make something out of nothing”

That kind of sums up what Carol likes to do with “stuff”.  It all began as a way to find the most economical way of creating art projects with elementary aged kids for classroom fundraising.  For years, the art revolved around mosaics and youth and donation requests for various non-profit organizations then evolved into creating unique mosaics made of mixed media, primarily with a mirror element.   People bring Carol their broken dishes and left over tile which she uses to create ceramic mosaic pieces incorporating interesting found objects from beads to bullet casings to a piece of twisted copper wire found on a walk.

More recently, beer and soda cans have found new life as boarders for mirrors creating colorful celebrations of recycled refuse.  Each can is cleaned, flattened, and nailed down with attention to label design and overall color balance.  Beer cans vary from classics like Budweiser’s Bud Light to unique micro brews like Big Sky’s Moose Drool (Montana).  Carol often buys cans for the label and waits for family and friends to consume them so she can include another new label in a piece.  As this venture has grown, friends and relatives keep her artistic endeavors in mind and bring her their empties as well.

Each piece is, understandably, unique.  To ensure she maximizes interest in each metal mosaic, she strives to ensure each can label is used only once – no repeats – although sometimes she struggles to get all her favorites in.  Different labels evoke different responses from the viewer – some get the “ahhh, I drank that in college” reaction, others, like Guinness, the wise nod of respect for a legend, to finally those that make people laugh like Porkslap which features two pigs leaping up in the air about to belly slap.  One customer bought a mirror because it included a brand he had sampled in Mexico; he said seeing the label brought back great memories.

Carol just likes the challenge of making nothing into something – and takes satisfaction in the fact that the something is ends up as interesting art.  Like an “I Spy”, the more you look, the more you see…

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