Brad and Sundie Ruppert

An assignment. A ceiling tile. A turkey.  A business.

Creative businesses start in creative ways.  Vintage Sculpture started in 2000 with an assignment from our son Tucker’s 2nd grade teacher.

Tucker came home with a Thanksgiving assignment to make a turkey as a family. He decided he 
wanted to make his bird out of the vintage ceiling tin we were making into boxes and selling at our 
local farmers’ market.

So our family worked together to make a ceiling-tile gobbler. He turned in his turkey and came home with an A—and five orders from teachers and parents for more!

We always say you never know where life is going to lead you but who would have thought that a 2nd grade class project would launch a business!

That turkey has led us down many roads. We love our crazy life of creating and selling the art we 
fashion out of cast-off and vintage materials, the truest form of recycling! We relish the fact that we get to do what we love everyday and it supports our passion of collecting and us! Although, we basically work whenever we are awake, we love the flexibility it allows us to raise our kids Tucker, 18 and Lucia, 14.

We find inspiration everywhere—from the piece of metal the kids pick up while walking down the street to stopping at little hole-in-the-wall joints to search out vintage treasures in antique stores and flea markets to being inspired by fine art museums.

Look for us down the road, pulling our 1966 Vintage Airstream Trailer, full of hopes and dreams…and a few treasures we pick up along the way!

Love and Junk, Brad and Sundie Ruppert

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