Ann Keech

Antlered Trophy: Bling

Pulled from the trash, found on the sidewalk, inherited, discovered at flea markets, thrift shops and garage sales, every object has a history. Sorting and choosing from my large stash of gathered objects and odd containers, I assemble the bits and pieces to suggest a story out of these common objects, reminding us of another time, long gone. The textures, shapes and colors inspire the design and assemblage. Collage, paint, wire, glue, nails and screws are but a few of the ways the story is connected.

A series of found object “angels” are assembled from related parts to suggest a personality. “Writing Angel” was compiled from antique typewriter parts, fountain pen, print block, an eraser. Beautifully constructed abandoned birds’ nests are the centerpieces of bird stories. Hair clippers, closet hooks, carving forks and calipers provide antlers for a series of Antlered Trophies, every one having bullet shells as part of the assemblage…animal trophies were, after all, shot. And on it goes, such fun!

My work has been selected for juried exhibits throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions, the International Assemblage Exhibit, Berlin, winning awards and given special mention a number of times by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s art critic. It is featured in Found Object Art 2, published 2009. I am a member of Philadelphia’s Dumpster Divers, participating in all of their group exhibits. We are a unique collective of found object artists and environmentalists, keeping materials out of the trash stream, up-cycling “trash” into art.

I hope my work will kindle curiosity and imaginations about the things we see around us, left behind, all carrying stories, ready to be re-used in so many different ways.

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