Meet the Artists

Rich Dunbrack

Warren Muller

Karen Delaney

Eric Zandotti










Ben and Kate Gatski

Cathy Hetznecker









Ann Keech










Brad & Sundie Ruppert

Beth Levin

Hattie Weselyk








Carol Apicella








Katie Pietrak-Vintage Vinyl Journals







Brian Marshall








Nancy and Gigi O’Hanlon

Kate Grenier Designs






Lindsey Willimann

Jason Lyons

Jason Lyons








Barry Leader

Barry Leader









Paul Palcko

1 thought on “Meet the Artists

  1. Hi Michael,
    We met someone in Florida at an art show and they told us about your gallery.We have spoken in the past about whimsical art- at that time it was for your home. now we are making smaller clocks too. Please feel free to check out our web site…we also will be in the Rittenhouse art shown the second weekend October if you want to meet up!
    Best Regards~
    Bob and Patti Stern

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