Currently at the Gallery…

Here are some photos of art that is currently displayed at the Merchant of Menace gallery. If you would like to visit, please click here for gallery hours

2 thoughts on “Currently at the Gallery…

  1. Hello Mr. Merchant of Menace,
    I am a local artisan who uses recycled materials to make furniture and lighting. My style I would say is industrial meets barn/farm house, using 1800’s barn wood and found metal objects, gates,windows, doors etc… I would the opportunity to possibly put a piece or two in your gallery. I have been in your gallery, and think we would be a perfect fit!
    I am wondering if there are any particular days that you view artisans work or may I stop by anytime. I would bring one of my pieces with me, as well as photos so that you can see upclose the work that I do. I myself have just made the decision to leave corporate and follow my dreams of becoming a full-time Artist/Creator. I see the beauty in all things old and a purpose for them now. Please let me know when might a best time for you, for me to come visit.
    Kindest, J.Harley “Mission Salvage”

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